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Consider A “Cheap” iPhone

Apple has long been known to be a technology giant that produces the highest quality products, without sacrificing quality for potential market share. From the iPhone to the iPad to the MacBook, users have never gone to Apple for the bargained price; Steve Jobs was famous for getting people to venture outside their budget for “the best” in the industry. With every product release, Apple followers and loyalists line up outside their retail outlets as if the next product will change their life; and in some cases it has.

As of late, Apple’s dominance in the field of smartphone communications has been challenged by competitors that have emulated and reproduced their ideas, making the next product release that much more difficult to differentiate from the field of producers. In response to such a notion, there has been chatter amongst Apple insiders that the iPhone would be spinning a new direction from winning by innovation to winning by creating budget incentive. The result would be a new “cheap iPhone.”

What exactly the new budget friendly device would contain is still yet to be known; however, it is clear that this move would demote the aura that surrounds Apple and lower them to the dog-eat-dog competition that has churned out some of the poorest made devices over the past decade.

Apple already has a budget friendly way of promoting its devices by allowing customers to purchase the previous generations for fractions of the newest products sales price. While proponents argue that the out of contract price of these devices is still far beyond what consumers can pay in international markets compared to competitors, opponents argue that the Apple mantra would be jeopardized by such a move.

The verdict is still undecided and the product has yet to be described. The ultimate result of such a maneuver with devices 2 generations old being essentially free is still quite controversial and may indeed change the tide of Apple and the iPhone’s perception nationwide. The it factor that the iPhone delivers is partially driven by its exclusivity and high-class symbolism. These factors would likely be eroded, making the already household name become tarnished by cutting quality and “it” factor.

I have been reviewing and blogging about Apple innovations since the release of the iPhone in 2007. Since that time, I have responded to demand for a quality iPhone, iPod and iPad Repair service by creating budget friendly repair site that addresses the needs that Apple has forgone. Since that time I have continued to be an avid Apple follower with my primary focus being on the iPhone and its subsequent generations.

The New Samsung Galaxy

Smart Scroll Functionality

The most talked about feature of Galaxy S4 is the Smart Scroll. The impression was that of tracking your eyes to scroll the text. However, it is something different from what had been interpreted by technology media. Smart Scroll is a feature that is motion sensor controlled. As soon as you tilt your phone, the internal motion sensors register the movement and accordingly scroll across the screen. Additionally, the feature of Smart Stay is also included that senses your eye movement when you look at the screen or away from it.

Redesigned Camera App

The camera app is loaded with new and improved features. For example, when you are capturing a picture you can record an audio of 9 seconds along with it. Additionally, the feature of Drama Shot is capable of creating action captured via burst mode. You have captured a picture of someone playing tennis; you can combine all pictures and create an action of the tennis player. This way you will be able to create an act of player playing tennis. Another thing that comes added to the camera app is Dual Camera features. You can simultaneously shoot from the front and rear-end cameras at the same time. Now you can shoot a group picture with you in it utilizing this function.

Smart Pause

Smart Pause tracks your eye movement from the front camera. It will sense your eye movement, for example until you are watching a video the video will keep playing, as soon as you take your eyes off it the video will pause.

The S Factor

Galaxy S4 sports quite a few S features. The S Translator is one such feature that helps in translating languages. This works in E-mails, chats and messages equally. This does helps in getting across and reaching out to more people globally. Making interaction and communication easier is what this feature all about.

There is another S feature, S-Voice Drive; this helps you with guided voice navigation that comes handy when you are driving. For those who are health conscious and want to keep up to date with their fitness level the feature of S-Health is an advantage. It helps in keeping a track of workout sessions, dietary intake, and weight management, help monitor your blood pressure and even keep a track of your blood glucose level.

NFC and Group Play

NFC technology has a lot of added advantages, one of them being added to Group Play to enable better interaction. Additionally, Wi-Fi Direct helps in playing music and games together. Glu and Gameloft have designed their games to adapt to this technology. Now you can add 8 players and battle against each other or together in a game.

Whole World of Network Options With Network Unlock Code

A network unlock code can help you connect with the world through your cell phone by choosing from a whole range of service providers. If you own a locked cell phone, you are restricted to using the services of a specific service provider or mobile service carrier. This means you will have to limit yourself to the services the provider allows you to use. If however, you use a network unlock code, you have the flexibility to compare offers and packages of various service providers and select one, which is most suited to your requirements.

There are a number of mobile service providers in the market that are in competition with each other. They compete on a range of features that include:

Most networks provide mobile service packages concerning call rates and SMS bundles. All have some variation but they all aim to give the best value for the cost they are charging from their customers. Most mobile service providers portray themselves to be charging a low price because people like to use affordable mobile network connections. If your phone has an unrestricted provision of changing the SIM it operates on, then you can select a network, which offers the best rates for the services you desire to use.

Network signals and connectivity are important elements that influence you as a user in selecting the best network for yourself. If you own a locked phone, you do not have the control on this element as you are bound to use the services of a particular service provider. If however, you have unlocked your phone by using a network unlock code, you are now free to purchase and use the SIM of that mobile service provider who has the greatest coverage in your city or country!

Connectivity and Quality
Voice clarity is one of the basic elements that determine the quality of services of a mobile service provider’s network service. If you cannot hear your caller clearly or your caller is unable to understand your speech, the whole purpose of owning a cell phone goes down the drain. With a locked phone, you have to bear with the quality your particular service provider provides you. If you own a phone that is free to operate on any network, then you can select the one, which has the best connectivity and quality of service.

Other Perks
Due to the competition, different networks announce special packages for their customers that may include free minutes, free SMS, lower call rates or SMS rates during specific hours, etc. Having used a network unlock code so that your cell phone can operate on any network you want, you can enjoy these various perks that are offered by different service providers.

A Voice T1 For Your Business Communications

How a T1 Works

A T1 consists of 24 digital channels. These channels are flexible and can be used by anyone when they are free. A voice T1 can have both incoming and outgoing traffic on it. This means that you can convert your main telephone line to your T1 to provide more availability of incoming calls. The T1 channels are also used for outgoing calls. The next available line is used for making a call. All the telephone users share these lines. This flexibility makes much better utilization of the lines.

Companies can also take advantage of DID (direct inward dial) service. Purchase a bank of DID numbers and you can assign them to specific telephones in your company. For pennies a month your employees can enjoy the benefits of having their own phone number so that clients may reach them directly. This can also take some of the burden off your attendant. The T1 channels are used for both incoming and outgoing calls as needed. When deciding on the amount of T1s needed always allow for 10% growth or more if you are aware of upcoming peaks in your service.


Your company can save thousands of dollars per year when you switch from regular voice lines to a T1. The price of a T1 has come down recently partly due to the fact that most central office locations have already converted to digital infrastructure. Pricing is also competitive as more vendors offer T1 products to their customers. Because of its configuration a T1 is much more flexible than standard telephone lines and allows for more usage over the same amount of circuits.

A typical rule of thumb is to allow one T1 for each 50 to 100 employees. This is for standard voice service. If your business is phone intensive or if you operate a customer service center your needs may be increased. To determine the proper amount of T1s for your business you should first find out your current line usage. These reports are often available from your phone vendor. An engineer can often assist you in determining the correct amount of T1s for your specific application. Once the T1 is installed there are usually various usage reports that you can request which will help you to see if you are getting the best use of your T1 and whether you need to add an additional T1.


A voice T1 transmits at a speed of 1.544 Mbps. This large bandwidth allows for instantaneous connections and clear, crisp sound. A T1 can carry more than 190,000 bytes per second making it faster than most standard modems. Any application can be run over a T1. As new applications become available they too can use the T1. Almost all digital data flows over fiber optic cables. The T1 may be brought to the location using copper wires and then put on fiber cables to run to your telephone room. The T1 is terminated onto a smart jack. This in turn is extended into your telephone system where the T1 is configured in routing.

Digitization Antiquated

Notwithstanding all these new strategies for correspondence, the quintessential one for genuine improvements be it casual glad news or essential arrangements is still telephone voice calls. It is not by any means clear if it has survived this long on custom alone, given this technique for communication has seen less specialized updates in the engine in versatile history when contrasted with our quickly advancing internet services.

Wi-fi Call Services

Wi-fi calling is maybe the most prominent of the option web based administrations these transporters started pushing out. Wi-fi-calling is straightforward on a shallow level: it just uses Wi-Fi to give better cell phone scope. This is maybe the best advantage which implies that wherever there is Wi-Fi, you’ll have the capacity to have voice discussions at a much less expensive cost. This has an immense effect for the conceivable nature of voice calls, and administrations which can be quickly observable to the individuals who utilize these administrations frequently. The other preferred standpoint to wi-fi calling is proficiency in transmission: your switch can go about as a tower, making the procedure more proficient. Rearranged, this can mean a straighter direct pathway to the call handling focuses, as opposed to having the information achieve the network tower at who knows where to experience busy wire-lines.

Pros and Cons

Both administrations offer their points of interest and impediments, however there’s a mind-boggling measure of positives inclining towards internet phone calls. The nature of the calls can be refined further, and the less expensive or non-existent rates that are permitted through Wi-Fi calling would absolutely be agreeable for clients’ wallets. Be that as it may, in the meantime, the outsider applications and administrations truly put a strain on these organizations.

Telephone numbers are setting down deep roots, that is ensured. It is just excessively helpful, and advantageously coordinated at this point. For the young people, phone calls do not matter but there are people like the elders who are not an internet savvy, for them it is convenient to just dial a number and talk to them. For them, internet phone calls do not create an interest.

With an undeniably digitalized world, the move towards internet phone call services was foreseeable and all the mobile operators haven’t generally considered them to be dangers, however now that these applications have hit their stages so unmistakably, now they do. These communication services are changed, others specifically contravene into the region of bearers, which is their dead monopoly business model on mobile voice calling.

The following in order to prevent “Bluesnarfing”


Bluetooth a short range wireless communication technology developed for use at home, office and Personal Area Networks. Over the years Bluetooth integration has been achieved in mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and other consumer devices. When blue tooth was conceived, an essential element of the technology was its requirement for a low expectation of end user technical ability and minimum levels of user setup and configuration for ease of use. This was adopted to ensure that widespread adoption and utilization of Bluetooth technology by the general public could be achieved

A direct consequence of this requirement some users are not aware of the functionality Bluetooth offers and its potential for exploitation and in many cases leave the default settings on their devices unchanged. Bluetooth enabled devices are vulnerable to exploitation using a range of methods including Bluesnarf, Backdoor and Bluebug.

Bluetooth vulnerabilities

The use of Bluetooth technology to access restricted areas of a users’ device without their knowledge or approval for the purpose of capturing data e.g. contacts, images, lists of called missed, received or dialed, calendars, business cards and the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is known as Bluesnarf. Bluesnarfing works by using the push profile of the Object Exchange protocol (OBEX) which is a built-in Bluetooth functionality for exchanging electronic business cards.

Instead of pushing a business card the Bluesnarf attack pulls using a “get” request looking for files with known names e.g. phonebook file (telecom/pb.vcf) or calendar file (telecom/cal.vcs). This vulnerability exists due to the manner in which the OBEX push profile was implemented in some of the early Bluetooth enabled phones, which did not require authentication from other Bluetooth devices attempting to communicate with it. Accessing information by Bluesnarfing was thought to only be possible if the users device is in “discoverable” or “visible” mode, but Bluesnarf attacks have being carried out on devices set to “non-discoverable” mode.

To achieve this the Bluesnarfing software needs to address the device by its unique 48-bit Bluetooth device name. For example, uncovering the device name is possible using software applications such as RedFang. This application uses a brute-force approach to discover device addresses by systematically generating every possible combination of characters and recording those combinations which get a response. Fortunately this approach is time consuming, potentially taking hours of computation.
Current scenario

The subsequent release of the Bluetooth specification 1.2 has addressed this problem by adding an anonymity mode that masks a device’s Bluetooth physical address. In addition a major privacy concern related to this type of attack is the possibility of obtaining the IMEI of a device which can then be utilized to uniquely identify a phone on a mobile network and could also be used in illegal phone cloning. This could give someone the ability to use a cloned subscriber identity module (SIM) card to track a mobile device and by inference the user carrier without their knowledge.

Intelligent Business Phone Systems

In highly competitive markets across the globe, answers to these questions often draw the line between the winners and the also rans. And, this is where the role of specialized service-oriented resellers come into play. For the solution here lies in sourcing your business communication equipment from quality suppliers such as the UK based Actimax, Plc., which have created a niche for themselves by adopting a solution – oriented approach. Over the past decade, companies like these have helped a growing number of enterprises to thrive by harnessing the power of leading edge technologies.

Solution oriented approach

Every organization operates in a constant state of flux. With an ever changing business environment that needs to constantly adapt to the transforming competitive landscape, you need an office telephone system that is not only open-ended, robust, and sophisticated but is also affordable and easy to use.

Good business phone systems invariably result from the extra effort made by your supplier to understand your distinct needs. With a customer – centric business model in place, these companies stress upon studying the client’s business processes up close. Office telephone system from quality suppliers are designed ground up, which make them almost custom-made to support your mission critical operations, efficiently and cost effectively. The service-oriented resellers not only empower you to choose from a complete range of business communications equipment from the world’s best manufacturers but also provide the whole portfolio of supporting products and services.

Advanced services to suit diverse needs

Over the years, the communication space has changed and evolved constantly. This trend has lead a number of vendors to adopt a business model centered around providing exceptional support and services to beat back the competition. These companies not only provide you the equipment but also research your business, your customers, and the markets to try and identify the weak spots. This is followed by intense brainstorming to arrive at the best possible solution in the shape of communication system that is robust and simple, enhances productivity, and brings about a perceptible change in the way you go about doing your business. Digital phone systems marketed by some of these players is a case in point that truly demonstrates these capabilities.

No nonsense digital phone system

Owing to their accumulated knowledge base, the top line service oriented suppliers now posses proven expertise in installing tailor-made high utility digital phone systems. Shorn of complex features rarely used, these companies focus on equipping your office telephone systems with services such as Caller Line Identification (CLI), Direct Dialing Inwards (DDI), business telephones integration with databases, and Trunk to Trunk technology. Of course, the digital phone system has enough scope to integrate other services as and when the need arises. A simple, and effective voice mail phone system is another example where highly qualified and experienced professionals make it easy for you to adapt new technology.

A PBX phone system is basically a switching system

Modern PBX phone systems are usually hybrid in nature, integrating both the traditional telephone network and the packet switched networks. The usage of packet switched networks like the Internet allows easy and cheap connections to any part of the world. A company which has numerous offices across the globe can avail of the services of a hosted PBX service provider. The hardware required for setting up this system are relatively inexpensive and easy to setup. Once installed, newer services can be added without requiring any change or addition of new hardware. All the services are software controlled hence no modifications are required in the hardware front. The system comes with a software administrative tool through which changes to the setting can be implemented by just a few clicks.

PBX Phone systems now come with loads of features apart from the conventional telephone and fax services. Newer features include voice mail, auto attendants, remote extensions, call management, and fax to email service. Some modern systems even come with voice enabled auto attendants. All these features are made available without the need for installing specialized telephones. Hosted PBX systems are mostly preferred by small and medium businesses (SMBs) owing to their rich features and relatively low cost of installation and maintenance.

A hosted PBX system provides the functionality of a conventional PBX without the need for installing any equipment. This service is provided by an Application Service Provider (ASP). A client does not have to purchase or install any PBX equipment. Instead it is given access to the PBX system maintained at service provider’s site. The service provider can add new features, which are instantly made available to all the clients.

A major difference between Hosted PBX systems and conventional PBX systems is the fact that in a hosted system an extension is associated with a particular person, and not a telephone. This enables a person to receive calls independent of his current location. This facility called follow-me calling utilizes a list of phone numbers associated with the person. The person can provide the phone number of his current location to the system, which then associates this number with his office extension number. Any business calls to this extension number is automatically routed to the phone number of the employee’s current location.

Companies which have offices and employees in different locations stand to gain a lot from the follow-me facility. The single recipient point provided by the hosted PBX system gives the illusion of a single office location. Companies can thus provide their clients and customers a better service using non variable telephone numbers. Other advantages of Hosted PBX include low installation charge, low maintenance cost, easier management, and greater scalability.

Apple iPhone 6S

After the months of anticipation, Apple have recently unveiled its new sister to the iPhone 6: The inevitable iPhone 6S. Looking almost identical to its predecessor, we’re here to take a look at what’s changed on the inside and whether it’s worth the expensive upgrade.

As mentioned, there isn’t much of a change at all. The new iPhone 6S is 0.01 inches thicker and half an ounce heavier, but those are hardly noticeable. Both phones are 5.44 inches tall by 2.64 inches wide, and both feature a 4.7 inch display with a 1,337 x 720 pixels resolution. The two devices have the usual headphone jacks, Lightning charger port, and iconic circular home button.

The new killer feature: 3D Touch

3D Touch allows the user to press further in to options, saving time on clicking and opening up a whole range of processes to access apps and features. For example, Apps can be switched simply by pressing down on the sides of the display.

Greatly improved cameras

The previous 8-megapixel cameras were fantastic, with more pixels for extra light. But Apple have gone all out again, increasing the iSight camera to a huge 12-megapixels. For the first time, users can now record 4K video using the improved megapixel count.

The front camera has also had an upgrade, from a small 1.2-megapixels to a better 5-megapixels.

Newer Processor

The previous Apple A8 chip has now been replaced by the A9: Apple’s most advanced chip to date. This is of course expected. What is new is the size of the chip, smaller than usual which should hopefully have a positive impact on the device’s battery life. GPU performance has improved to 90%, meaning their fastest iPhone yet.

Improved Memory

Although remaining a secret, confirmations points to the new iPhone 6S storing a whopping 2GB of RAM: an ever important feature of these computer-smartphones, allowing you to run several applications at once without compromising on speed. This is a huge step up from the iPhone 6’s smaller 1GB of RAM.

Storage Capacities

This feature of the newer model hasn’t changed at all. Consumers will be able to have the usual options of 16GB, 64GB or 128GB. Choose wisely depending on your photo/video needs, and how much music you want through your iTunes.


If you’re eager to get your hands on the device with a much better camera and the new 3D Touch feature, then you can justify purchasing the new iPhone 6S. Ensure you compare all the best iPhone 6S deals and choose your allowances wisely.

A Delicate Smartphone Focuses On Comfortable Grip

In my opinion, Ulefone Metal is the mid-range smartphone because it has moderate phone configuration. I appreciate its delicate body design. And it offers a comfortable grip. At this article, I would like to show you some details about it. The article content involves three parts, including appearance design, configuration and battery.

Appearance Design

Ulefone Metal strives for metallic fashion that it has an exquisite metal unibody design. Forged with meticulous craftsmanship of CNC cutting, grit blasting and polishing, it provides a comfortable grip. Besides, it has a 6mm body thickness and 71mm screen width, combined with the curved edges, it brings pretty good single-handed operation.

Moreover, it has a 5-inch screen with a 1280*720 pixels resolution. With a high 300PPI pixel density, it shows you vivid colors. And the on-cell technique will make the images look more distinct. Most importantly, the rock solid 2.5 Corning Gorilla 3 glasses will help the screen assembly survive casualties.


First of all, it is powered by an Octa-core MT6753 processor along with a Mali-T720 GPU. With 1.3GHz clock speed, MTK6753 will offer more than sufficient drive to support daily tasks. And this GPU is able to deal with demanding games on 1080p display. Combined with 720P resolution, games will run 60% faster. Moreover, it packs in 3GB LPDDR3 high-speed RAM and 16GB of internal storage, expandable to 128GB, it provides your phone a warehouse of date.

Furthermore, it comes with Android 6.0 OS, which offers smooth operation, high energy efficiency and user-friendly interface. Additionally, it is configured with the latest generation of fingerprint scanner, which offers fastest and safest unlock. And it allows 5 touch IDs for different purposes.

In terms of the camera configuration, it comes with dual cameras with a 2MP front camera and an 8MP rear camera. And the rear Sony IMX149 rear camera has a very good pixel quality, which shows you the true-to-life colors.


It is built in a super big capacity Li-Pol battery with the intelligent energy-saving design. Compared with the similar products in the market, it prolongs more 30% battery life. Generally speaking, it supports 1.5-day normal use or 1-day heavy use.


To sum up, Ulefone Metal is an outstanding smartphone with the delicate appearance design and comfortable grip. Although it is the mid-range smartphone, it meets your need in daily operations. If you are searching for such a smartphone, you can have a try! I think you will like it.