Intelligent Business Phone Systems

In highly competitive markets across the globe, answers to these questions often draw the line between the winners and the also rans. And, this is where the role of specialized service-oriented resellers come into play. For the solution here lies in sourcing your business communication equipment from quality suppliers such as the UK based Actimax, Plc., which have created a niche for themselves by adopting a solution – oriented approach. Over the past decade, companies like these have helped a growing number of enterprises to thrive by harnessing the power of leading edge technologies.

Solution oriented approach

Every organization operates in a constant state of flux. With an ever changing business environment that needs to constantly adapt to the transforming competitive landscape, you need an office telephone system that is not only open-ended, robust, and sophisticated but is also affordable and easy to use.

Good business phone systems invariably result from the extra effort made by your supplier to understand your distinct needs. With a customer – centric business model in place, these companies stress upon studying the client’s business processes up close. Office telephone system from quality suppliers are designed ground up, which make them almost custom-made to support your mission critical operations, efficiently and cost effectively. The service-oriented resellers not only empower you to choose from a complete range of business communications equipment from the world’s best manufacturers but also provide the whole portfolio of supporting products and services.

Advanced services to suit diverse needs

Over the years, the communication space has changed and evolved constantly. This trend has lead a number of vendors to adopt a business model centered around providing exceptional support and services to beat back the competition. These companies not only provide you the equipment but also research your business, your customers, and the markets to try and identify the weak spots. This is followed by intense brainstorming to arrive at the best possible solution in the shape of communication system that is robust and simple, enhances productivity, and brings about a perceptible change in the way you go about doing your business. Digital phone systems marketed by some of these players is a case in point that truly demonstrates these capabilities.

No nonsense digital phone system

Owing to their accumulated knowledge base, the top line service oriented suppliers now posses proven expertise in installing tailor-made high utility digital phone systems. Shorn of complex features rarely used, these companies focus on equipping your office telephone systems with services such as Caller Line Identification (CLI), Direct Dialing Inwards (DDI), business telephones integration with databases, and Trunk to Trunk technology. Of course, the digital phone system has enough scope to integrate other services as and when the need arises. A simple, and effective voice mail phone system is another example where highly qualified and experienced professionals make it easy for you to adapt new technology.